Phippen Museum - Prescott
Formed in 1974, this Prescott museum's mission is to "present exibits and educational programs featuring the art and history of the American West, and to collect and preserve fine art and artifacts."

  Sharlot Hall Museum
This is the "largest museum in the central territory of Arizona" and is located at 415 West Gurley Street in Prescott. Provides living history events, changing exhibits, and terrific genealogical resources.

  Buckys Casino
17 miles from the MG Lodge

  Hiking Trails and Maps
Index to Prescott Area Hiking Trails and Maps

  Highlands Center for Natural History
The Highlands Center for Natural History is an environmental education organization, which features quality outdoor science education, reaching over 10,000 children and adults each year.

  Lynx Lake Recreation Area
Lynx Lake is one of the most popular recreation areas in central Arizona. Mild weather, the cool ponderosa pine forest, a serene 55-acre lake, trout fishing, boating, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, archaeological sites, and bird watching attract visitors from throughout Arizona, and bring them back again and again.

  Historic Walker Charcoal Kiln
An 1880s charcoal kiln, made of fitted granite blocks, once served precious-metal smelters in the Walker area. From Prescott, head east four miles on AZ 69, turn south 6.5 miles on Walker Road/Lynx Lake Road/Forest Road 197 to Walker, turn left on Big Bug Mesa Road/Forest Road 670 just north of Walker Fire Station, and follow signs 0.8 mile to parking—then it's a three-minute walk to the kiln.

  Drive up to Mount Union (elevation 7,979 feet) for picnic
Mt Union is the highpoint of the Bradshaw Mountains, which take up a large chunk of land south and east of Prescott, north of Phoenix and west of the Interstate-17 corridor. The Bradshaws are known for mining, and it is the mines (literally thousands of them, named and unnamed, working and defunct) that begat a series of boom towns that evolved into ghost towns that still stand today, some in remarkable shape. Mt Union is surrounded by numerous peaks in the 7,000-7,800 ft range. The Bradshaws are laced with miles of good dirt forest roads, thus making a drive to near the top (or the top itself) a relatively easy event.

  SPRUCE Mountain
MG LODGE overlooks Southern Spruce Mountain Ridge followed by Spruce Moutain.
Spruce Mountain is located about 4 miles south of Prescott, Arizona, just off of the South side of Senators Highway, just before Groom Creek.

Access to the top of the mountain where there is a picnic area and tower(top is 7,696 feet above sea level) is by about 4 miles of dirt road winding up the mountain. The road is useable by regular non-4X4 vehicles during good weather. During the winter months, deep drifting snow sometimes prevents access to the top of the mountain even with a 4X4.

Spruce Mountain is riddled with gold mines. These were actively worked in the 1800's and early 1900's. Average day's take for 12 hours of back breaking work was around 25 cents. Since some miners were finding gold which meant most of the miners got absolutely nothing for their efforts.

The Forest Service recognizes gold panning and metal detecting as legitimate recreational pursuits.

The 100 block of South Montezuma Street in Prescott, Arizona has long been known as Whiskey Row, for the numerous saloons that once lined the street.

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